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We are pleased to present Autumn-Argus global award winning Sphynx Cats in bold colors and types. The Sphynx are the hairless ones, so no hairballs or cat hair! They are extremely affectionate, very animated, seriously inquisitive, physically athletic and display a wonderful disposition. Sleeping with a Sphynx is like cuddling up to a suede hot water bottle. They make awesome pets.

Sphynx are unusual cats, but they are cats. These hairless felines are indoor cats, have a higher than normal temperature and are generally more active and require warmth. Our prices are published with each listing.

I'm about as social as I can manage and I enjoy discussing these cats with anyone. I no longer post my cats on Facebook or Twitter as I believe they have gone too far with our privacy. I will not be selling cats on disreputable Craigslist either. If you call me and I don't answer, please leave me a voice message. And do be sure to share our site with your friends and family. Please enjoy our Sphynx Cats and thanks for visiting us.

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