We are pleased to present the Autumn-Argus Elf Sphynx. Go ahead and ask us about our outcross program. This new breed is exciting and fun. Enjoy our available outcrosses and feel free to discuss them with us in detail by email, or better yet, call us. We truly enjoy discussing anything and everything about cats!

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Newsflash — Elf Sphynx kittens available!

Better hurry, I have one F2 kitten available. These kittens have hair and curled ears. These outcrosses are available for pet only, unless you are a reputable breeder. They make extremely lovely cats and will make excellent additions to your family!

These will be the only F2's for now as we move on to the next step, the F3 outcross. I am so excited.

Elf Sphynx Kittens
sphynx kittens for sale

Benny's Diamond Jezebel

Amazing Grace Joesph x Autumn-Argus Diamonds Are Forever

DOB 06/07/12

Diamond's mother is a Supreme Grand Champion, and on her mother's side her grandmother is our foundation queen and Dam of Merit Apophis McQueen of Autumn-Argus, "Stevie", and her grandfather is the one and only Quad Grand Champion Autumn-Argus Buck Naked. This top lineage makes her a true Diamond and the purrfect choice for our outcross program!

Benicio's first courting was with Diamond and already her kittens are placed except for Jezebel, a.k.a. "Skunkie" because of her coloring. This F2 kitten has so much personality you just want to hold her tight. I will be happy to email you more pictures or answer any questions you may have.

If you are interested in Jezebel, contact me and we can get you a wonderful new addition to your home. She is a riot!

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Elf Sphynx KittensElf Sphynx Kittens
sphynx kittens placed

Benny's Jets

Amazing Grace Joesph x ColorCountry Jazzmatazz

DOB 07/05/12

Jazz is such a great queen. We chose her to participate in the outcross program because you want a sturdy animal on both sides. No pun intented, but Joesph, whom we call "Benicio" because the ladies just love him, is truly amazing. Jazz gave us four kittens from this union, three girls and one boy. Two have curled ears, have been placed, and two are not, but all are coated this time around. Healthy, healthy, healthy!

Benicio proved to be super potent, but he did what we asked and delivered us several great litters. He is now neutered and enjoys watching over his prodigen like a Lion King! I am so excited with this new program and will continually update you as we progress. I will be happy to email you more pictures or answer any questions you may have.

Both of Benny's curled earred Jet's are placed. If you are interested in getting an Elf Sphynx kitten, enjoy these pictures, contact me and we can get you a wonderful new addition to your home.

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Elf Sphynx Outcross

The Elf cat is an exciting new hybrid breed recently brought into existence by outcrossing the Sphynx with a domestic Curl. Simply put, the Elf cat looks like a Sphynx with curled ears. There are very few breeders of this new breed throughout the world.

Right now the TICA experimental breed standard for the Elf is the same as the Sphynx except for the curled ears. The Elf standard will make note of the curl and what is desired for the complete elf look. The allowable out crosses are Sphynx, American Curl and Domestic Short hair.

This new outcross program is exciting in many ways. Outcrossing is essential in every purebred breed by providing a stronger future. It widens the gene pool, strengthens the immune system and vigor of the breed.


Elf Sphynx are extremely rare and there is usually a waiting list for these kittens. Pricing on Elf Sphynx usually depends on each individual kittens' bloodlines, type and the amount of hair. The outcrosses with hair sell for less than a hairless Elf.

At sixteen weeks, kittens have had their basic inoculations and developed the physical and social stability to adjust to a new environment. Four months also conforms to the minimum age for showing and transport by air.

Keeping your Elf Sphynx indoors and neutering or spaying are essential elements for maintaining a healthy companion, and most importantly will extend the life expectancy of your cat. We require it in our contract for these babies. You will no doubt note that we recommend a specific diet for our cats. We have found this combination of nutritious foods to be successful in our breeding program and in our ability to provide a health guarantee. Certainly you can find cheap generic branded cat food, but these cats cost too much and require top quality cat food or you will experience numerous trips to the vet. It's the old adage, "pay me now, or pay me later!" Check out the right column of each page for some excellent articles from leading experts on feline health and information.

Each Elf Sphynx is raised as a kitten in a loving environment with plenty of access to other sphynx, people and dogs. The kittens are quarantined with their mother at first for safety and nature's nurturing. Next they are socialized with a like group of mothers and kittens where they learn to play, eat with a group and litter box skills. Finally they are introduced to the joy of exploration throughout the environment, including sleeping with us! That way they are not shy or prone to separation anxiety, prepared to explore a new home and know a trusting relationship when they see one.

We believe in starting life with an expectation of love and trust so anyone that adopts one of our Elf Sphynx will find them to be truly affectionate, well-bred and well-fed treasures of joy. Of course, we will always take a cat back for any reason.


The first outcross generation produces kittens that will look like ordinary cats. The best kitten out of this litter will be bred to a Sphynx again producing the F2 kittens. There is a 50% chance of getting bald kittens and some adorable hairy ones. One of these hairless kittens is bred to a Sphynx, resulting in a litter of all hairless kittens!

The hairy kittens out of such an outcross program make incredible pets.These outcross kittens are just as loving as the sphynx kittens. Their personalities are very similar.

Now that you know something about our Elf Sphynx program, please take the time email me any any questions. We enjoy discussing the exciting Elf Sphynx with anyone because we think they are neat and unique!

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