We have great pet prices for those that can provide a stable loving home for these cats. These are not kennel cats. They are in home pets. Ask about our other naked felines not posted yet. So give me a call as this is the perfect opportunity to get a really well-adjusted wonderful cat for your home or program!

Autumn-Argus Charlie Part Tuna

Adult Neutered Male

Priced at $800!

Charlie Part Tuna, "Chaz", is a lovely show quality son of J & J Alfie Straight Up by CH Autumn-Argus Theda Bara. We are pleased with his contribution to our program. Chaz is really handsome with his striking eye color and championship presence.

Charlie certainly deserves to enjoy his retirement. He loves to bathe in the Sun, be around people and sweet talk his ladies!

If you are interested in Chaz, remember he has a confident presence, is colorful and striking in appearance. He has a charming personality, now that he is neutered he will be a great pet addition to any family!

Gorgeous Neutered Male

Autumn-Argus Charlie Part Tuna

Take a hard look at this available neutered male, as he has everything going for him. He continues to love all the attention he can muster! Look over Charlie and for more information on him, just contact us.

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Adult Elf Sphynx Male

Pet Priced at $1800!

Frankie is a wonderful loving one year old red Elf Sphynx male, with experimental TICA registration. He is certainly a spunky energenic sphynx boy.

We are happy to offer him as a pet, but I will be happy to discuss full breeding rights if you like. He is very healthy and all the ladies have shown an interest in his time. Frankie is very affectionate and loves people; not shy at all. If you are not sure what an elf sphynx is, just call me and I will be happy to discuss this breed and my participation in the program.

Frankie is striking in appearance and big for his age. He is bold and inquisitive. Beware, he loves to cuddle up at night. He will make a wonderful addtion to the family or program.

Bold Elf Sphynx Male


Enjoy checking out this available male, as he has his stuff together. He is very nice and will make for a great addition! If you like Frankie, then for more information on him, just contact us.

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