Autumn-Argus screens all potential owners prior to adopting any of the animals to ensure a proper match for both the owners and the animals. We reserve the right to refuse to adopt or ship our animals for any reason we deem appropriate to that end. This does not normally happen, but we must reserve our rights for the good of the animals. It is our sincere goal to place our animals with good homes and a loving environment conducive to the welfare of the animals. We prefer to use the term "adopt" as opposed to "sell" because we believe our pets, that we breed and raise in our home, are just like our family to be "placed" with good homes and not just some commodity that is simply bought and sold. We are not a breed rescue association, although we support animal rescues.

Adoption Information

Each of our animals is adopted under a contract, with all shots and required paperwork in order, complete with a health guarantee. We are ready to provide you with additional information upon request. Once you have completed your contract and returned it to us via fax or mail, paid for your adoption in full (successfully clears the bank on all checks), your animal can be shipped by most standard methods, but usually they are transported by air (major airports only preferably direct flights) or picked up from us. We will provide ground transportation to your home, or a specified "half-way point", under agreement, which is sometimes required due to winter weather or the owner's access to a major airport. This may or may not save on transportation costs.

We are prefer cash, or personal check if by mail or other suitable carrier. The price of the adoption varies depending upon quality, lineage and breed. Please make your check out and send it to the Contact Information name and address listed below. Many people wish to quickly reserve their selection, and smartly so, but are not sure of the best way. You can express mail (FedEx, UPS, USPS and others).

Any adoptions that are reserved by making a deposit are safe and easy. Once payment is verified (successfully clears the bank on checks) we will mark that selection "Not Available" on the website shortly thereafter. We will not show your pet, nor offer it to anyone else. If you do not see this please send me an email to "bump" the webmaster! If not already, you will then be contacted for pertinent information to complete the contract. There are no cash refunds or credits! We will apply your deposit to another available animal or upcoming litter selection animal upon agreement. So please be sure before you make your deposit.

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Contact Information