We are pleased to present Autumn-Argus global award winning Sphynx Cats in many colors and types. The Sphynx are the hairless ones, so no hairballs or cat hair! They are extremely affectionate, very animated, seriously inquisitive, physically athletic and display a wonderful disposition. Sleeping with a Sphynx is like cuddling up to a suede hot water bottle — awesome pets!

We take pleasure in showing our cats, by handlers or ourselves, and are proud to present a gorgeous selection for your viewing pleasure. See any available New Litters or Adoptable Adults offerings available to qualified homes now. All our prices are published with each listing. If you are looking for some information about cats, try reading some of the articles we have selected. Sphynx are unusual cats, but they are cats. These hairless felines are indoor cats, have a higher normal temperature, are generally more active and require warmth.

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We certainly believe we have a great Sphynx site for you and are loaded with bare. Just contact us for any additional information and enjoy our Sphynx and thanks for visiting us!

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Newsflash — We have several litters and great adoptable adults available!

We have new additions to put up on our litters page. Do visit our lovely Vespa's gallery on our Litters right now. I am very proud to present several great Adoptable Adults featuring Charlie and Poseidon!

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The Sphynx

Mother Nature and a dedicated group of cat breeders have created a beautiful and loving breed. It has taken nearly thirty years to finally gain the acceptance and set the breed standard. Early incidences of this natural phenomenon are sparsely documented in history from paintings to letters, but no documented breeding program can be traced earlier than the mid 1900's. One of the first programs was in Toronto, Canada, during 1960's, when a domestic cat gave birth to a hairless kitten. It was discovered to be a spontaneous natural mutation.

Breeders in Europe and North America have since bred the Sphynx to normal coated cats and then back to hairless cats for nearly forty years. The purpose of these selective breedings was to create a genetically sound cat with a large gene pool and hybrid vigor. "Don't they get cold?" Sure, if it is too cold for you it will be too cold for a hairless cat too. However, these cats are smart enough to find a warm spot somewhere in the home.

The Sphynx is not totally hairless in reality. There is fine down on the body which feels like a warm peach. Some light hair is often present on the nose, tail and toes. The texture of the Sphynx skin has been likened to a suede hot water bottle, a horse's warm muzzle or a heated chamois. They are able to register in numerous colors seen in the pigment of the skin and the fine hair that they do have.

Barbara Garibaldi bottle feeding her Sphynx kittens!

This is a substantial cat, medium sized but strong, with an adult weighing 6-12 lbs. Sphynx have good muscle and skeletal development. They tend to exhibit a small "pot" belly as if they just finished a wonderful meal. They have an open-eyed, intelligent face and a friendly expression. Sphynx cats love to play and interact with humans.

They perform for your enjoyment and can sometimes seem downright clumsy. They make great show cats and are easy to handle. These cats do not do well as an only pet. They prefer human attention but enjoy the company of dogs and other cats. They have an abundance of energy and mischief and are always with you, on you or showing off for you.

Some people who suffer from cat allergies can easily tolerate living with Sphynx cats. However, depending on the type and severity of the individual's allergic reactions, not all people can live with this breed. Because of the lack of hair that would normally absorb body oils, the Sphynx needs to be bathed periodically. This is not a difficult task with a cat that has been used to a bath and are easy to dry.

Sphynx are very rare and most breeders have a waiting list for their kittens. Pricing on Sphynx usually depends on each individual kittens' bloodlines, type and the amount of hair. Occasionally there is a hairy variant that sells for much less than a very hairless cat.

At sixteen weeks, kittens have had their basic inoculations and developed the physical and social stability to adjust to a new environment. Four months also conforms to the minimum age for showing and transport by air. If a breeder offers you an older kitten or adult cat, don't hesitate; they can be a welcome addition to a home where proper behavior and good manners are needed upon arrival!

Keeping your cat indoors and neutering or spaying are essential elements for maintaining a healthy companion, and most importantly will extend the life expectancy of your cat. You will no doubt note that we recommend a specific diet for our cats. We have found this combination of nutritious foods to be successful in our breeding program and in our ability to provide a health guarantee. Certainly you can find cheap generic branded cat food, but these cats cost too much and require top quality cat food or you will experience numerous trips to the vet. It's the old adage, "pay me now, or pay me later!" Check out the right column of each page for some excellent articles from leading experts on feline health and information.

Sphynx Cats

The Cat Fanciers' Association accepted the Sphynx in February, 1998 for registration and recognition in Miscellaneous Class. Sphynx lovers feel that this is one of the most rare and unusual breeds in the world today. There is an ever spreading international growth of Sphynx lovers and breeders. Autumn-Argus and Cattery has placed animals internationally as well as with local admirers from young children to the elderly with excellent results.

Each Sphynx is raised as a kitten in a loving environment with plenty of access to other sphynx, people and dogs. The kittens are quarantined with their mother at first for safety and nature's nurturing. Next they are socialized with a like group of mothers and kittens where they learn to play, eat with a group and litter box skills. Finally they are introduced to the joy of exploration throughout the environment, including sleeping with us! That way they are not shy or prone to separation anxiety, prepared to explore a new home and know a trusting relationship when the see one.

We believe in starting life with an expectation of love and trust so anyone that adopts one of our Sphynx will find them to be truly affectionate, well-bred and well-fed hairless treasures of joy. Of course, we will always take a cat back for any reason.

Now that you know something about the Sphynx breed, please take the time to enjoy our site, the photos, fun and should you have any questions whatsoever, just ask. We enjoy discussing the Sphynx hairless cats with anyone because we think they are great!

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Breed Standard

The Sphynx appears to be a hairless cat, although it is not truly hairless. The skin should have the texture of chamois. It may be covered with very fine down which is almost imperceptible to both the eye and the touch. On the ears, muzzle, tail, feet and scrotum, short, soft, fine hair is allowed. Lack of coat makes the cat quite warm to the touch. Whiskers and eyebrows may be present, either whole or broken, or may be totally absent. The cat should not be small or dainty. Males may be up to 25 percent larger so long as proper proportions are maintained. The Sphynx is sweet-tempered, lively, intelligent and above all amenable to handling.

Shape: Medium-sized, modified wedge with rounded contours, slightly longer than wide. Skull is slightly rounded with a rather flat forehead and prominent cheekbones and a distinct whisker break. Eyes: Large, rounded lemon shape. Slanting to outer corner of ear. Slightly more than an eye width between eyes. Ears: Very large, broad at base and open. Set upright, neither low set nor on top of the head. The interior is totally hairless. Slight amount of hair allowed on lower outside edges and on the back of the ear. Muzzle and Chin: Strong rounded muzzle with distinct whisker break and firm chin. Profile: Slight to moderate stop at bridge of nose. Neck: Medium in length, rounded and well-muscled. The neck arches from the shoulders to the base of the skull and is powerful, especially in males.

Torso: Medium in size, medium to medium long in length. The chest is broad, may tend toward barrel chested. The abdomen is wellrounded, having the appearance of having eaten a large meal, but not fat.. Legs: Length in proportion with body, with medium boning and firm musculature. Hind legs slightly longer than front. Front legs widely set. Females may have slightly finer boning. Feet: Medium in size, oval shape with long, slender toes. The paw pads are thicker than in other breeds, giving the cat the appearance of walking on "air cushions". The toes are very long, slender and prominent. Tail: Whippy, tapering from body to tip (rat-tailed). Length is in proportion to body. A lion tail (puff of hair on tip) acceptable. Musculature: Hard and muscular, not delicate. Boning: Medium.

Length: Appears hairless. May be covered with short, fine down. May have puff of hair on tip of tail. Whiskers are sparse and short. Texture: Chamois-like. A feeling of resistance may be felt when stroking the skin of some cats. The skin is very wrinkled in kittens. Adults should retain as many wrinkles as possible, especially on the head, although wrinkling should not be so pronounced that it affects the cat's normal functions. Color/Pattern: All colors of all divisions. White lockets and buttons accepted.

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Contact Information

Behavior & Training

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Feline Health

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